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"Don’t hang with people who make you justify your vibe. Black holes don’t give the light back."

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"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” Buddha ☺️

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smh. she warned us. and we weren’t ready at all.

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Tales of a Grass Widow promo
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1. why write

immortality is the (con)temporary dream 

words reveal the insides of black boxes we call ourselves and everything else we assume, often incorrectly, but who and how are we to know better if we cannot live what someone else lives even if their story really becomes our story in understanding /
everyone is the same yet they are not.

nothing really means anything

2. aesthetic

illegible and soon forgotten notes-to-self littering a grey room with one dusty window looking out to nothing but clouds that are undecided about whether it will rain (it probably will)

3. process

there are words that arrange themselves in particular ways from which people derive meaning
i push a button and something happens

4. the moment right now

not real clothes. furniture that isn’t mine in a room that isn’t mine in a town that isn’t mine on a day that is mine but who am i to claim it. thoughts of wandering when i am already lost. time is a changing light. 


everything arrives the right length and as it should.

but still i would like to make less sense, sometimes.

6. a writer is

the cliche of a night sky is that song you can’t stop listening to is a memory is your mother is a tiger is a bird is a pen is a cage is an empty hand is the feeling of a cold bed is the world over your shoulders is anybody really is a definition of questionable value when it is all just labels and boxes and we are infinite and uncontainable.


My favorite hiking spot made colorful.

Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

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"Emma is not a person. Emma is a place that you get stuck in. Emma is a pain that you cannot erase."

- Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on the album For Emma, Forever Ago

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